FoxCare Integrative Health is proud to offer telemedicine visits for established patients.  The implementation of telemedicine services enables our patients to receive top-notch, personalized medical care without being physically present at the doctor’s office. eVisit is an online platform where patients can have a secure, face-to-face interaction with their provider in a convenient, comfortable setting of the patient’s choice. eVisit is HIPAA compliant so your health information is secure – just like an office visit.

To sign up for an eVisit appointment with Dr Fox:

  1. Using a smartphone or computer with a webcam, microphone and internet connection.
  2. Go to and register under your name (i.e. if your child is the patient, sign up with your name and make your child a dependant)
  3. Once registration is complete, you can get in contact with Dr Fox either through the Portal or by calling the Charlottesville office (434-290-1210) to arrange a time to have the appointment.
  4. At the time of the appointment, log on to the eVisit app and enter the “Virtual Waiting Room” by selecting “make an appointment” which will notify Dr Fox that you are ready to begin. Make sure that your video and sound is turned on.
  5. The payment and insurance reimbursement works the same way as a regular office visit. Payment is completed at the time of the appointment through the eVisit service using a Credit Card. The office will mail you the reimbursement form to submit to the insurance company.

You must be in the state of Virginia at the time of the appointment.

Please contact our office with any questions you may have about setting up a telemedicine appointment.

With eVisit, connecting and getting treatment with FoxCare Integrative Health is easy!

Go to eVisit for more information and to create an account.