Do you participate with insurance?

No. FoxCare Integrative Health is
out-of-network with all insurance plans in order for our providers to spend
more time with each patient. As such, we expect payment at the time of service
from the patient and we will provide you with a reimbursement form to submit to
your insurance.

How long are appointments?

Initial appointments with Dr Fox take up to 2
hours. Follow-up appointments usually take 1 hour.

What is your cancellation policy?

Dr Fox asks for 7 days cancellation notice for a new patient appointment. Deposits will not be refunded with less than 7 days notice for new patient appointments. We keep this policy so that there is enough time to offer available new patient slots to other new patients who are waiting to be seen.
We ask for 24 hours business notice for follow-ups that need to be cancelled. For follow-ups, we have a no-show fee that will be charged the date of the appointment no-show.

What paperwork do you need for an initial appointment?

Dr Fox asks for paperwork to be submitted before the date of your intake appointment in order to have enough time to review the information before she sees the patient. 1) Copies of recent medical records from the last two years. Lab work in particular. 2) Parent summary/timeline outlining what symptoms you’ve noticed and treatments you may have tried. 3) Intake questionnaire on our website

Can I send paperwork via email?

Communications via email are not
considered secure for private medical information. Although it is unlikely,
there is a possibility that information you include in an email could be
intercepted and read by other parties besides the person to whom it is
addressed. If you are comfortable doing so, you may send your own information
via email. Our office will never send protected health information thru email.
Secure methods of communication include postal mail or fax machine under HIPAA

Can I have an appointment thru telemedicine?

New patients must be seen in person. Follow-ups can be done via telemedicine only if the patient resides in Virginia. We ask that we see patients in the office after every 2-3 telemedicine appointments to continue care.

How can I get my prescriptions refilled?

Contact your pharmacy to request a refill on your prescription. We must see patients every 3 months to continue ongoing medication management.

Can Dr Fox order test kits for the whole family?

Dr Fox does not treat extended members of the family. If you wish for another child to be seen by Dr Fox, they will need to also be registered as a patient. Dr Fox does not treat adults.

What other services do you offer?

Dr Fox currently offers ozone therapy to patients over the age of 15.

I have more questions and would like to speak to someone.

We would be happy to answer as many questions as you have, please call our office. If you call and you get our voicemail, please leave a detailed message. We are a small office with limited front desk staff. We return calls as soon as we are able but we appreciate your patience.